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Figurines & Statues

Browse our selection of wholesale figurines and garden statues. Whether you are looking for a dragon figurine or an elephant figurine for your home or garden we have what you're looking for.

"Go Away" Garden Gnome Shelf Sitter Poly Resin Figurine

SKU: 57796


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10.25" Historical Norse Viking Warrior King Poly Resin Figurine Sculpture

SKU: 13857

ID: KFT-34 

Stock: 11 Items


10.5" Forest Retreat Thirsty Grizzly Bear Metal Wine and Liquor Bottle Holder Display

SKU: 13001

ID: ZA429 

Stock: 11 Items


10.5" Steampunk Dragon Incense Burner Poly Resin Figurine Statue

SKU: 13869

ID: SY-74 

Stock: 10 Items


10.75" Steampunk Bald Eagle Polyresin Figurine Sculpture

SKU: 12973

ID: SF-33 

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11" Dragonstar Clock with Dual Dragon Figurines - DWK

SKU: 11267

ID: 16052 

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11" Woodland Owl with Owlets Poly Resin Statue Figurine

SKU: 13798

ID: 54687GSC 

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11.5" Steampunk Warrior Dragon Polyresin Motorcycle Figurine Sculpture

SKU: 12930

ID: KFT-23 

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12 - pc. Crusading Knights Templar Staged Battle Figurine Retail Display

SKU: 13089

ID: PDX-78 

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12 - pc. Mini Steampunk Wani Japanese Warrior Dragon Figurine Retail Display

SKU: 13088

ID: PDX-01 

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12 pc. Assorted Mini Garden Gnome Poly Resin Statue Figurines

SKU: 13647

ID: 49435GSC 

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12.- pc. Eagle, Wolf, Bear and Horse Polyresin Statue Sculpture Retail Display

SKU: 13090

ID: PDX-94 

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13" Bronzed Statue of Traditional Native Indian Warrior Chief - Historical

SKU: 12580

ID: 11763GSC 

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13" Indian Warrior Presenting Peace Pipe Polyresin Figurine - GSC

SKU: 13764

ID: 11762GSC 

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13" Master Cape Cod Northern Light House with Wave Polyresin Figurine Sculpture

SKU: 12933

ID: PDJ-591 

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14" Asian Elephant Family Polyresin Figurine Statue - GSC

SKU: 13763

ID: 54579GSC 

Stock: 2 Items


14" Steampunk Wild Mountain Wolf Polyresin Figurine Sculpture

SKU: 12975

ID: SF-79 

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14.25" Flame Goddess Fairy Polyresin Figurine - GSC

SKU: 13772

ID: 92080GSC 

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17" Cranky Morning Warning Garden Gnome Statue Figurine - DWK

SKU: 11626

ID: HH54637 

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2.25" Mayan Civilization Crystal Skull Skeleton Head 12 pc. Polyresin Figurine Sculpture Assortment

SKU: 12941

ID: PDX-41 

Stock: 5 Items


3" Aztec Civilization Death's Head Skeleton Polyresin Figurine Sculpture 12 pc. Assortment

SKU: 12936

ID: PDR-64 

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3.5" California Mountain Country Black Bear Family Polyresin Figurines - 12 Pc. Assortment

SKU: 12945

ID: PDX-96 

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3.5" Sliders, Cooters, Box Turtle, and Terrapin Bobblehead Polyresin Figurines - 12 Pc. Assortment

SKU: 12946

ID: PDX-99 

Stock: Out of Stock


3.63" American Bald Eagle Historical Heritage Confederate Flag Commemorative Glass Sculpture

SKU: 13084

ID: ETK-60 

Stock: 51 Items