Loyalty Points Program

Wholesale Only! - $100 Minimum Order

Loyalty Points Program

How it Works

There is no fee or sign up required to enroll in this loyalty program. All you have to do is place your orders the same way you always have. Customers will receive 5 points for every $100 mark their order subtotal reaches (ex. Subtotal of $100 = 5 points, subtotal of $500 = 25 points). There are no points awarded for subtotal increments under $100, and there are no partial points awarded (ex. Subtotal of $200 = 10 points, subtotal of $250 = 10 points). This previous example shows that even though the second subtotal was $50 more than the first the point total remains the same and would not increase until the order subtotal reaches $300, and then it would go to 15 points. Points are awarded on a per order basis. The points will accumulate in your account until you choose to spend them. The points are worth $1 a piece (ex. 25 points = $25). The points will be placed in your account when we ship the order.

Once you have received points you can use them as payment towards future online orders. All you have to do is choose the payment method of “pay by bonus points” when you are checking out, and select the amount you want to use. They can all be used at once or you can use a few at a time. How you want to use them is totally up to you. You can use them on your next order, you can save them for when you have a slow week, or save them up to build inventory during your better months.

This program applies to orders placed on or after 8-21-10 and we can not award points for orders that you placed in the past. Payments must be processed at the time the order is placed to receive points. The points will not be placed in the account until the order has shipped. Points will be awarded up to a subtotal of $5,000 (max points to be received on an order is 250). The Loyalty Points Program can be cancelled at anytime, but all points received will still be able to be redeemed. If items are returned for any reason the points may be lost from the sale of that item. Points are awarded for online orders only. Points are not accumulated for "Warehouse Pickup" orders.

How Can I See How Many Points I Have?

In order to see how many points you have accumulated for you purchases, you need to log in to your profile on the website. After logging in, click the link at the top of the page that displays your name. In this section you will find many useful ways to manage your profile, but most importantly you will find a "Loyalty Points" link. This link will show you how many points you currently have, and any history associated with your account.