Paint Brushes

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Paint Brushes

Shop for wholesale paint brushes and accessories with DP and Company. DP and Company has everything you need to get your next project done right. Find polyester paint brushes, foam paint brushes, natural bristle paint brushes, paint rollers, paint roller covers, paint brush sets, paint trays, drop cloths, paint mixers, and more in-stock and ready to ship.

1" Polyester Paint Brush

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ID: 20001 

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$ 0.55

3-pc. Paint Brush Set

SKU: 2222

ID: BRPB-03 

Stock: 81 Items

$ 1.31

4-pc. Paint Brush Set

SKU: 2203

ID: 20020 

Stock: Out of Stock

$ 2.09

9" Metal Paint Tray

SKU: 2218

ID: TAIB0105 

Stock: Out of Stock

$ 2.55

Heavy Duty Mud Mixer

SKU: 2205


Stock: 12 Items

$ 5.02

Paint Roller Frame

SKU: 2215

ID: CHIB200 

Stock: 1 Item

$ 1.75

Plastic Paint Tray

SKU: 2225

ID: TAIB0104 

Stock: Out of Stock

$ 1.29

Professional Quality Paint Roller Cover

SKU: 11274

ID: 644Toomey 

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$ 0.65