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Designed for cosplayers, our cosplay section is intended to help collectors and enthusiasts create and bring their favorite characters to life. Providing foam and more realistic items, our aim is to provide items that are suitable inside and outside of convention venues. Our collection of items include anime, cartoons, comic books, manga, live-action films, television series, and video games.

10.5" Fantasy Blade - Steel

SKU: KH1143


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$ 7.70

10.75" Fantasy Dagger - Wooden

SKU: KH1141


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$ 7.75

11" Shonen Jump Naruto Shippuden Ninja Kunai - Grey Foam



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$ 5.39

11.75" Shonen Jump Naruto Shippuden Minato's Tri-Blade Kunai - Foam



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$ 5.39

14.25" Comic Book Anime Blue Dragon Warrior Display Axe with Display Stand

SKU: KM9008


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$ 32.58

16.25" Lord of Rings Eye of Sauron Silver Display Dagger with Leather Carrying Sheath

SKU: KE7809


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$ 16.71

17.5" Video Game Comic Book Movie Character Cosplay Hand Claw Blades with Skeleton Handle

SKU: KM5852C


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$ 25.85

21.5" Wooden Fantasy Sword

SKU: WHT1410


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$ 5.51

21.75" Knight's Lance - Black and Silver

SKU: SF3075-1


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$ 18.95

25.5" Foam Scout Rifle

SKU: FG201


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$ 26.00

26.25" Saif Shamshir Arab High Density Foam Cosplay Convention Sword - Gold and Black

SKU: FYC2212


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$ 6.99

30" Anime Cosplay Sword Sheath - Black and Gold



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$ 4.28

30.5" Plastic Sheath for Foam Anime Sword - Red and Black

SKU: HF1015


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$ 4.50

32" Caesar Sword

SKU: SB648


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$ 28.35

36.25" Gothic Human Skull Functional Walking Cane with Fashion Based Design

SKU: KW1001


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$ 12.25

37" Excalibur Fantasy Sword

SKU: SB5521


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$ 39.85

37" Joker Walking Cane with Hidden Sword

SKU: KW1000


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$ 12.25

37" One-Handed Knight of Templar Sword

SKU: SF3610


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$ 30.55

37.25" Foam Persian Sword - Gold

SKU: FYC6011


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$ 10.25

37.75" Demon King Foam Cosplay Convention Sword - Maroon Red

SKU: FYC2209


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$ 11.49

39" Gilded Skull and Dragon Foam Sword with Golden Handle

SKU: FYC2207


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$ 11.49

39.25" Foam Anime Demon RPG Cosplay Video Game Sword - Black and White

SKU: HF1016


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$ 12.23

39.5" Foam Anime Knightly King Cosplay Video Game Sword - Blue and Gold

SKU: HF1017


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$ 12.23

4.88" 5 Point Ninja Throwing Star Set - Black

SKU: FH1308


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$ 3.75