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Cal Hawk Tools

Cal-Hawk Tools, also known as CTT Tools, INC, is a line of both power and non-power operated hand tools. Types of products found from Cal Hawk are: axes, ball joint separators, bolt cutters, chain-hoists, chisels, crimpers, dent pullers, extension bars, floor jacks, gear pullers, hacksaws, hammers, hatchets, nippers, picks, pliers, pry bars, punches, rakes, ratchets, riveters, saws, screw drivers, sheers, snips, sockets, staple guns, tie rod separators, tire chucks, utility knives, vises, wrenches, carpenter's levels, chalk lines, electric soldering guns, framing squares, plumb bobs, bench grinders, blow guns, drill presses, grease guns, grinding wheels, sanders, soldering guns, air impact wrenches, air pumps and hose line, air hammer, air ratchets, and air spray guns.


6-pc. Hose Clamp Set

SKU: 5280


Stock: 23 Items


6-pc. Mechanic's Pin Punch Set

SKU: 2581


Stock: 11 Items


6-pc. Plare Nut Wrench Set - Metric

SKU: 1288


Stock: Out of Stock


6-pc. Quick Coupler Set

SKU: 1176


Stock: Out of Stock


6-pc. Shoulder Cup Hook Set

SKU: 5404


Stock: 46 Items


6-pc. Spade Wood Drill Bit Set

SKU: 4152


Stock: 22 Items


6-pc. Torx Screwdriver Set w/Rack

SKU: 1984


Stock: Out of Stock


6.5" By-Pass Lopping Shears w/Steel Handles

SKU: 4369


Stock: 9 Items


6.5" By-Pass Telescoping Lopping Shears

SKU: 4391-1


Stock: 12 Items


60-pc. 2-Way Hand Riveter Set

SKU: 3705


Stock: 21 Items


60-pc. 24" Black Zip Cable Ties

SKU: 4811


Stock: 31 Items


60-pc. 30" Black Zip Cable Ties

SKU: 4812


Stock: Out of Stock


60-pc. Alligator Clip Assortment

SKU: 4256


Stock: 56 Items


60-pc. Hand Riveter Set

SKU: 3701


Stock: 21 Items


600 lbs. Boat Strap Winch

SKU: 1058


Stock: Out of Stock


63mm PVC Pipe Cutter

SKU: 2633


Stock: 4 Items


65-pc. Quick Splice Connector Assortment

SKU: 3681


Stock: 4 Items


7 Pole Trailer Female Connector

SKU: 3584


Stock: 26 Items


7 Pole Trailer Male Connector Adapter for Towing Electrical Harness Connection

SKU: 3583


Stock: 22 Items


7" Brick Trowel

SKU: 3709


Stock: Out of Stock


7" Grinding Wheel with Hub

SKU: 3869


Stock: Out of Stock


7" Heavy Duty Aluminum Square

SKU: 2591-1


Stock: 19 Items


7" Metal Cut-Off Wheel

SKU: 3840


Stock: 1 Item