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Cal Hawk Tools

Cal-Hawk Tools, also known as CTT Tools, INC, is a line of both power and non-power operated hand tools. Types of products found from Cal Hawk are: axes, ball joint separators, bolt cutters, chain-hoists, chisels, crimpers, dent pullers, extension bars, floor jacks, gear pullers, hacksaws, hammers, hatchets, nippers, picks, pliers, pry bars, punches, rakes, ratchets, riveters, saws, screw drivers, sheers, snips, sockets, staple guns, tie rod separators, tire chucks, utility knives, vises, wrenches, carpenter's levels, chalk lines, electric soldering guns, framing squares, plumb bobs, bench grinders, blow guns, drill presses, grease guns, grinding wheels, sanders, soldering guns, air impact wrenches, air pumps and hose line, air hammer, air ratchets, and air spray guns.


4-1/2" Wire Wheel Brush

SKU: 3898


Stock: 44 Items


4-in-1 Ball Joint Service Tool Set

SKU: 2393


Stock: 2 Items


4-in-1 Snap Ring Pliers

SKU: 1853


Stock: 26 Items


4-lb Dead Blow Hammer

SKU: 2080


Stock: 1 Item


4-pc. 1/2" Drive Deep Spindle Axle Nut Socket Set - Metric

SKU: 1517


Stock: Out of Stock


4-pc. 1/2" Drive Extension Bar Set

SKU: 1777


Stock: 8 Items


4-pc. 1/4" Drive Extension Bar Set

SKU: 1775


Stock: 14 Items


4-pc. 15' x 1" Ratchet Tie Down

SKU: 2369-1


Stock: 6 Items


4-pc. 2" Mini Spring Clamp Set

SKU: 3616


Stock: Out of Stock


4-pc. 3" Cut-Off Wheel with Mandrel

SKU: 1203-1


Stock: 29 Items


4-pc. 40mm Laminated Padlock Set

SKU: 2292


Stock: 22 Items


4-pc. 50mm Keyalike Laminated Padlocks

SKU: 2292-1


Stock: 4 Items


4-pc. 7" Snap Ring Pliers Set

SKU: 1854-1


Stock: 3 Items


4-pc. Aluminum Snap Links

SKU: 4872


Stock: 111 Items


4-pc. Auto & Home Electrical Tester Kit

SKU: 2471


Stock: Out of Stock


4-pc. Keyalike 40mm Laminated Padlocks (Long Shackle)

SKU: 2291


Stock: 37 Items


4-pc. Locking Pliers Set

SKU: 1906


Stock: 3 Items


4-pc. Long Taper Punch Set

SKU: 2563


Stock: Out of Stock


4-pc. Long Taper Punch Set

SKU: 2563-1


Stock: Out of Stock


4-pc. Mini Bungee Strap Set

SKU: 2342


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4-pc. Mini Circlip Pliers

SKU: 1832


Stock: 7 Items


4-pc. Mini Pick & Hook Tool Set

SKU: 4752


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4-pc. Nail Punch Set

SKU: 2545


Stock: 30 Items


4-pc. Nylon Pry Bar Set

SKU: 2683


Stock: 315 Items