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Cal Hawk Tools is the go to source for Cal-Hawk Tools. We have been a wholesale and distributor of Cal-Hawk Tools for a number of years. If you are looking for the best prices on Cal-Hawk Tools, look no further than DP & Company!

Cal-Hawk Tools, also known as CTT Tools, INC, is a line of both power and non-power operated hand tools. Types of products found from Cal Hawk are: axes, ball joint separators, bolt cutters, chain-hoists, chisels, crimpers, dent pullers, extension bars, floor jacks, gear pullers, hacksaws, hammers, hatchets, nippers, picks, pliers, pry bars, punches, rakes, ratchets, riveters, saws, screw drivers, sheers, snips, sockets, staple guns, tie rod separators, tire chucks, utility knives, vises, wrenches, carpenter's levels, chalk lines, electric soldering guns, framing squares, plumb bobs, bench grinders, blow guns, drill presses, grease guns, grinding wheels, sanders, soldering guns, air impact wrenches, air pumps and hose line, air hammer, air ratchets, and air spray guns.


Cal-Hawk Magnetic Multi Groove Bench Vice Jaws

SKU: 1249


Stock: 5 Items

$ 3.90

Cal-Hawk Magnetic Waffle Face Bench Vice Jaws

SKU: 1257


Stock: 23 Items

$ 3.90

Cal-Hawk Manifold Gauge

SKU: 1238


Stock: 2 Items

$ 52.95

Cal-Hawk R-12 to R134 A/C Refrigerant

SKU: 1136


Stock: 10 Items

$ 18.74

Cal-Hawk Safety Glasses

SKU: 9396


Stock: 14 Items

$ 1.57

Cal-Hawk Snap Lock Adapter for SDS-Plus

SKU: 1262


Stock: 6 Items

$ 6.87

Cal-Hawk Stainless Steel Scraper

SKU: 9694


Stock: 48 Items

$ 1.15

Cal-Hawk Strapping Rolls

SKU: 1264


Stock: 12 Items

$ 22.17

Cal-Hawk Telescoping Lopping Saw

SKU: 3774


Stock: 1 Item

$ 13.99

Cal-Hawk Winshield Removal Tool Kit Set

SKU: 10224


Stock: 4 Items

$ 16.75

Carpet Knife

SKU: 2611


Stock: Out of Stock

$ 2.04

Coil Spring Compressor Set

SKU: 2458


Stock: Out of Stock

$ 11.67

Cooling System and Radiator Cap Pressure Tester

SKU: 8776


Stock: 1 Item

$ 105.00

Cordless Drill Holster

SKU: 4607


Stock: Out of Stock

$ 3.59

Cycle PVC Pipe Cutter Kit

SKU: 2622-1


Stock: 8 Items

$ 7.47

Deep Impact Socket with Magnetic Base

SKU: 1519


Stock: 3 Items

$ 35.94

Deluxe 16-oz Can Crusher

SKU: 4760


Stock: Out of Stock

$ 5.65

Deluxe Tire Chuck with Hose and Gauge

SKU: 2405


Stock: Out of Stock

$ 7.42

Digital Clamp Meter

SKU: 2490


Stock: 71 Items

$ 10.10

Digital Multi-Meter

SKU: 2500


Stock: 1 Item

$ 4.64

Disc Brake Pad Spreader

SKU: 2451


Stock: Out of Stock

$ 2.96

Door Panel Remover

SKU: 2428-1


Stock: 55 Items

$ 1.31

Double Bend Long Rubber Hook Tool

SKU: 4754-1


Stock: Out of Stock

$ 3.08

Double U Hanging Bracket

SKU: 5428


Stock: Out of Stock

$ 1.92