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Cal Hawk Tools

Cal-Hawk Tools, also known as CTT Tools, INC, is a line of both power and non-power operated hand tools. Types of products found from Cal Hawk are: axes, ball joint separators, bolt cutters, chain-hoists, chisels, crimpers, dent pullers, extension bars, floor jacks, gear pullers, hacksaws, hammers, hatchets, nippers, picks, pliers, pry bars, punches, rakes, ratchets, riveters, saws, screw drivers, sheers, snips, sockets, staple guns, tie rod separators, tire chucks, utility knives, vises, wrenches, carpenter's levels, chalk lines, electric soldering guns, framing squares, plumb bobs, bench grinders, blow guns, drill presses, grease guns, grinding wheels, sanders, soldering guns, air impact wrenches, air pumps and hose line, air hammer, air ratchets, and air spray guns.


Battery and Charging System Tester

SKU: 2486


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Battery Cut-off Switch

SKU: 2448


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Battery Link

SKU: 2431


Stock: 24 Items


Battery Post & Terminal Cleaner

SKU: 2421


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Bi-Ball Hitch

SKU: 3531


Stock: 2 Items


Bicycle Lock 40mm With 5' Cable

SKU: 2289


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Brass Tire Chuck with Lever Valve

SKU: 2407


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Cal-Hawk 1 Ton Swivel Hook

SKU: 10644


Stock: 35 Items


Cal-Hawk 1" Dr. x 2-3/4" Deep Impact Socket

SKU: 10375


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Cal-Hawk 1" x 7.5" Trailer Receiver Pin

SKU: 1259


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Cal-Hawk 1/2" Dr. x 39mm Deep Impact Socket

SKU: 1270


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Cal-Hawk 1/2" Drive to 1/4" Hex Shank Adapter

SKU: 10344


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Cal-Hawk 1/4" DR. Impact Universal Joint

SKU: 1624


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Cal-Hawk 10 - pc. 1/2" DR. Universal Deep Impact Socket Set

SKU: 1091


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Cal-Hawk 106 - pc. Hex Cap Screw Assortments

SKU: 10426


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Cal-Hawk 13 - pc. 1/2" Dr. Jumbo SAE/Metric Crowfoot Set

SKU: 10415


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Cal-Hawk 13-pc. Upper Control Arm Bushing Removal Tool Repair Kit

SKU: 10641


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Cal-Hawk 13w Electric Engraver

SKU: 2095


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Cal-Hawk 18-pc. Spring-Wing Toggle Bolt Assortment

SKU: 10567


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Cal-Hawk 192 - pc. Retaining Clip Assortment

SKU: 9763


Stock: 25 Items


Cal-Hawk 2" - 6" Electronic Digital Cylinder Hole Bore Gauge

SKU: 10223


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Cal-Hawk 2" Swivel Metal Caster

SKU: 10423


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Cal-Hawk 2-Wire/20-ft. 18 AWG Retractable Test Leads

SKU: 10463


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Cal-Hawk 20G Soldering Wire Tube Material

SKU: 3726


Stock: 127 Items