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Figurines & Statues

Browse our selection of wholesale figurines and garden statues. Whether you are looking for a dragon figurine or an elephant figurine for your home or garden we have what you're looking for.

Together Forever - Garden Gnome Statue Figurine

SKU: 11009

ID: HH36696 

Stock: Out of Stock


Trunk of Luck Elephant Figurine

SKU: 7381

ID: HD38100 

Stock: Out of Stock


Wild Horse Stallion Big Country Poly Resin Statue Figurine

SKU: 13641

ID: 11480GSC 

Stock: 10 Items


Wildlife American Bald Eagle Country Desktop Statue Sculpture Figurine - Rustic

SKU: 12591

ID: 54052GSC 

Stock: 9 Items


Wildlife Country Bear Cub Family Nature Sculpture Figurine - Rustic

SKU: 12590

ID: 54606GSC 

Stock: 7 Items


Wizarding World of The Mad Hedwig Owl Steampunk Figurine

SKU: 13086

ID: KWA-56 

Stock: Out of Stock


Wizarding World of Witchcraft Hedwig Owl of Illumination Spell Book Holder

SKU: 13085

ID: KWA-55 

Stock: 8 Items


World of Wonders Immortal Memories Cameo Madam Morticia Lady Skeleton Gothic Trinket Jewelry Box

SKU: 12767

ID: HH55586 

Stock: 162 Items


You Dig - Grumpy Garden Gnome Statue Figurine

SKU: 11014

ID: 52044 

Stock: 13 Items



4.5" Country Black Bear Bust Poly Resin Home Decor Figurine - GSC

SKU: 13899

Stock: 35 Items

$ 3.99


6.5" Buddhist Hamsa Hand Poly Resin Home Decor Figurine - GSC

SKU: 13900

Stock: 47 Items

$ 7.49


3.75" Jesus Poly Resin Statue Assortment of Christian Figurines - GSC

SKU: 13921

Stock: 4 Items

$ 19.99