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Figurines & Statues

Browse our selection of wholesale figurines and garden statues. Whether you are looking for a dragon figurine or an elephant figurine for your home or garden we have what you're looking for.

Ryu Japanese Sea Dragon Poly Resin Stature Figurine

SKU: 13643

ID: 71704GSC 

Stock: 44 Items


Safari Wild - Elephant Wall Mount

SKU: 7844

ID: HD26907-E 

Stock: Out of Stock


Sarge is in Charge Man's Best Friend German Shepard Desktop Dog Pen and Pencil Chewer Holder

SKU: 12771

ID: HD55820 

Stock: 249 Items


Saurian Athame - Medieval Dragon Knife Display Statue - DWK

SKU: 11312

ID: 44728 

Stock: 17 Items


Secure Stash Military Medal Trinket Treasure Chest Jewelry Box Display - DWK

SKU: 12205

ID: HC55989 

Stock: 104 Items


Shelf Snoozers Bear and Cub Shelf Sitter Statue and Figurine - DWK

SKU: 12213

ID: HD54377 

Stock: Out of Stock


Shello Greetings - Two Happy Turtles Rock Light Tower Illuminated Sculpture - DWK

SKU: 11823

ID: HD55209 

Stock: Out of Stock


Slow & Steady Turtle Statue

SKU: 7761

ID: HD14310 

Stock: Out of Stock


Snow White Tiger Big Cat Landscape Poly Resin Statue Figurine

SKU: 13639

ID: 19718GSC 

Stock: 11 Items


So Hoppy Frog Statue

SKU: 9153

ID: HD44559 

Stock: Out of Stock


Somasaurus Sleeping Dragon Figure

SKU: 7321

ID: HD37177 

Stock: Out of Stock


Spirited Legacy - Wolf with Wolf Pup Statue Figurine - DWK

SKU: 11395

ID: HD53378 

Stock: Out of Stock


Starlight Symphony White Wolf Howling Oil Burner Light and Statue - DWK

SKU: 12280

ID: HD52429 

Stock: Out of Stock


Steampunk Skeleton Figurine with Gothic Top Hat

SKU: WU66846BB


Stock: Out of Stock


Steampunk Skull with Gears and Bullets Sculpture Statue Figurine - Gothic

SKU: 12597

ID: 44096GSC 

Stock: Out of Stock


Take a Hike Gnome Statue

SKU: 9719

ID: 47133 

Stock: 3 Items


Tantamount Western Antelope Horn Wyoming Influenced Desert Longhorn Home Décor Display

SKU: 12635

ID: HD40464 

Stock: Out of Stock


Tarragon's Chalice - Dueling Dragons Targaryen Mother's Day Gothic Flower Vase - DWK

SKU: 11819

ID: HD54884 

Stock: 6 Items


Terrible Two Baby Bears Statue

SKU: 7117

ID: HD29650 

Stock: Out of Stock


These Color Don't Run Proud Patriot Garden Gnome Middle Finger Salute Statue

SKU: 11883

ID: HH52096 

Stock: Out of Stock


Thurvokun Bone Dragon Skeleton Poly Resin Figurine Statue

SKU: 13649

ID: 71882GSC 

Stock: 3 Items


Tigris White Snow Tiger King Bust Statue Figurine - DWK

SKU: 11878

ID: HD10137 

Stock: Out of Stock


Till Death Sugar Skull Wedding Figurine

SKU: 9080

ID: HH43545 

Stock: Out of Stock


Timberland Deer Tree Stub Hunting Lodge Desktop Home Décor Pen and Pencil Holder

SKU: 12642

ID: HD58186 

Stock: 549 Items



4.5" Country Black Bear Bust Poly Resin Home Decor Figurine - GSC

SKU: 13899

Stock: 35 Items

$ 3.99


6.5" Buddhist Hamsa Hand Poly Resin Home Decor Figurine - GSC

SKU: 13900

Stock: 47 Items

$ 7.49


3.75" Jesus Poly Resin Statue Assortment of Christian Figurines - GSC

SKU: 13921

Stock: 4 Items

$ 19.99