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Figurines & Statues

Browse our selection of wholesale figurines and garden statues. Whether you are looking for a dragon figurine or an elephant figurine for your home or garden we have what you're looking for.

Kneeling American Soldier Statue Figurine "Gone but not Forgotten"

SKU: 48628


Stock: Out of Stock


Last Call Western Gunslinger Six Shooter Revolver Pistol Cowboy Bullet Belt Drink Coaster Set

SKU: 12633

ID: HC56522 

Stock: Out of Stock


Let Freedom Ring Eagle Statue

SKU: 6649

ID: HD14141 

Stock: Out of Stock


Lil' Hot Dogger Dachshund Statue

SKU: 9937

ID: HD47627 

Stock: Out of Stock


Little Light Keeper - Chihuahua Statue Figurine with Solar Lantern

SKU: 11004

ID: HD48251 

Stock: Out of Stock


Marley - Yellow Labrador Statue

SKU: HD48615


Stock: Out of Stock


Mask Wearing Gnome with Sign No Shirt, No Shoes, No Mask, No Service Quarantine Masked Crusaders Home Décor

SKU: 12644

ID: HH54754 

Stock: Out of Stock


Max Bulldog Statue Figurine

SKU: HD49083


Stock: Out of Stock


Medieval Motivation Inspirational Dragon Demon Slayer Statue Figurines - DWK

SKU: 11717

ID: HD54429 

Stock: Out of Stock


Messy Taco Hot Salsa Service Food Truck Kitchen Counter Table Top Napkin Holder

SKU: 12650

ID: HH57588 

Stock: 15 Items


Modern American Soldier Poly Resin Statue Figurine

SKU: 53794


Stock: 13 Items


Mountain Wild Hunting Black Bear with Fish Wind Chime

SKU: 12606

ID: 41634GSC 

Stock: Out of Stock


Mountain Wildlife Snow Owl Country Desktop Statue Sculpture Figurine - Rustic

SKU: 12592

ID: 54554GSC 

Stock: 3 Items


Mountain Wolf Pack Leader Bust Statue Figurine

SKU: 12601

ID: 54613GSC 

Stock: 3 Items


Mystical Power of Love Giraffe Heart Couple Statue Figurine - Tribal Silver

SKU: 12588

ID: 54300GSC 

Stock: 1 Item


Native American Indian Light-Up Poly Resin Night Light Figurine Statue

SKU: 13648

ID: 11390GSC 

Stock: Out of Stock


Naughty Gnomes Funny Garden Statue Figurines - DWK

SKU: 11959

ID: HH48823 

Stock: Out of Stock


No Pussies Here Bad Kitty Cat Statue Figurine Decoration - DWK

SKU: 11976

ID: HD55664 

Stock: 22 Items


Not a Hoot Here Watch Owl of Minerva Funny Polyresin Garden Statue Figurine - DWK Corp

SKU: 12515

ID: HD57809 

Stock: Out of Stock


Nothing but Time Grim Reaper Father Time Statue Figurine with Sickle - DWK

SKU: 11718

ID: HH54403 

Stock: Out of Stock


Oliver on The Watch Owl of Minerva Symbol of Wisdom Polyresin Garden Statue Figurine - DWK Corp

SKU: 12514

ID: HD57042 

Stock: Out of Stock


Our Love is Timeless - Grandparent Husband and Wife Couple Statue Figurine - DWK

SKU: 11400

ID: HH53495 

Stock: Out of Stock


Overseer Grim Reaper Winged Angel of Death Gothic Wall Mount Statue - DWK

SKU: 12204

ID: HH56678 

Stock: 27 Items


Piggyback Nap - Charlotte's Character Pig and Piglet Figurine - DWK

SKU: 11820

ID: HD55066 

Stock: 7 Items



Ay Chihuahua Polyresin Boss Dog Figurine Set - DWK

SKU: 14073

Stock: 23 Items

$ 16.99