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24 x 40 Heavy Duty Canopy Tarp - Silver

SKU: C2440

24 x 40 Heavy Duty Canopy Tarp - Silver

Product Summary

The Lost Woods Heavy Duty Canopy Tarp is built to last in the most extreme conditions. This tarp has been meticulously designed to reflect sunlight and keep it from penetrating tarp. Heavy-duty 6-oz. per square yard fabric weight provides exceptional tensile strength and tear resistance. The industrial polyethylene fabric has a tight 14 x 14 strand per inch internal weave and has a triple coated lamination to form a waterproof, rot-resistant tarp that resists sun fading and cracking in cold weather.

Cut Size: 24' x 40'
Finish Size: 23'4" x 39'4"


  • Black fiber 14 x 14 strand per inch internal weave (woven vertical and horizontal)
  • Provides superior durability and the best sun shielding capability
  • Triple coated lamination (water resistant polyethylene coating) provides a fabric weight of 6 ounces per square yard
  • Poly roping in hem all around and reinforced corners for extra strength
  • Strong and rustproof brass plated grommets and each corner and aluminum grommets every 18 inches help adequately secure to tarp
  • 12 mil fabric thickness
  • Tarp is waterproof, has UV protection, is water and mildew resistant, and resists cracking in cold weather


  • General cover tent
  • Car canopy cover
  • Lumber cover
  • Watercraft cover
  • Machinery cover
  • Camping ground sheet
  • Wind protection
  • Privacy wall
  • Picnic mat
  • Pool cover
  • Haystack cover
  • ATV cover

    Do not use on automobiles or flat painted surfaces. May cause chipping or flaking.

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