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760 Count Hand Grenade Shaped Bottle of .12g Airsoft BBs - Omega

SKU: 14020

760 Count Hand Grenade Shaped Bottle of .12g Airsoft BBs - Omega

Product Summary

Restock your airsoft arsenal and add some tactical style to your loadout with this 760 Count Hand Grenade Shaped Bottle of .12g Airsoft BBs from Omega! This container of BBs is perfect for airsoft enthusiasts who want a moderate ammo supply for airsoft skirmishes or target practice sessions. The unique, hand grenade-shaped bottle adds a fun and tactical touch to your gear, while the high-quality, seamless BBs ensure smooth feeding and exceptional performance in your airsoft gun.

760 Count Supply
This 760 count bottle provides a good supply of ammo for airsoft games and target practice sessions. You'll have enough BBs to enjoy a round of airsoft or hone your accuracy at the range, while still being compact and easy to transport.

Hand Grenade Shaped Bottle
The BBs come housed in a unique, hand grenade-shaped bottle container. This container adds a fun and tactical touch to your airsoft gear, resembling a real hand grenade (visible in the image). The resealable top allows for easy access to BBs when reloading magazines during airsoft battles. The compact size of the bottle makes it easy to store in your gear bag and transport to airsoft games.

Flawless Performance
These precision-crafted .12g airsoft BBs ensure exceptional performance in your airsoft gun. The seamless design minimizes friction during feeding, preventing jams and misfires that can disrupt your gameplay. The consistent weight and size of the BBs ensure predictable flight paths and accurate shots, giving you a competitive edge on the airsoft field.

Perfect for All Airsoft Guns
These high-quality .12g BBs are compatible with a wide range of airsoft guns that use .12g ammunition. They are perfect for pistols, rifles, and shotguns, ensuring you have the right BBs for your favorite airsoft firearm, regardless of the make or model.

Long-Lasting Ammo and Tactical Style
This 760 Count Hand Grenade Shaped Bottle of .12g Airsoft BBs from Omega offers a convenient option for airsoft players. Enjoy focused play sessions, add a tactical touch to your gear with the unique grenade-shaped container, and play sustainably with these eco-friendly BBs. Add a bottle to your cart today and dominate your next airsoft game!

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Step into Omega's world, where airsoft adventure meets cutting-edge technology. Our precision-engineered gear ensures every skirmish feels like an epic showdown, blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, Omega empowers you to dominate the battlefield like never before. Join us and experience the ultimate thrill of tactical combat.


  • Packaging Height: 4.13"
  • Construction: ABS Plastic
  • Packaging Type: Hand Grenade!
  • BB Size: 6mm
  • BB Weight: 0.12g
  • Omega delivers high-quality BBs that won't compromise your gameplay.
  • These high-quality, near-perfectly spherical BBs ensure consistent accuracy and smooth operation in your airsoft AEG (Automatic Electric Gun), gas gun, or spring gun.
  • The .12g weight is suitable for a wide range of airsoft guns.
  • The easy open design of the bottle allows for easy and rapid reloading during gameplay, minimizing downtime and keeping you in the thick of the action.
  • With this players supply, you'll have enough BBs for fun battles, target practice sessions, or sharing with teammates.
  • Comes in assorted colors

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