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Umarex SurgeMax Elite .177 Cal. Pellet Gas Piston Air Rifle with Scope

SKU: 11573

Umarex SurgeMax Elite .177 Cal. Pellet Gas Piston Air Rifle with Scope

Product Summary

The Umarex SurgeMax Elite Air Rifle incorporates a fully integrated optic mounting rail. This Nucleus Integrated Rail Platform was explicitly developed to make scope mounting easy, and to reduce two of the greatest frustrations in scoped air rifle shooting–scope movement and vibration. The Nucleus Rail is the answer to easy scope mounting on an air rifle. It provides the shooter a full-length Picatinny rail as an easy platform for mounting a scope. Plus it gives the air rifle an attractive, modern look when combined with the sculpted ambidextrous cheekpiece, comfortable thumbhole design, ergonomic grip, and sleekly designed forearm. Created by Umarex Airguns, the Nucleus Rail incorporated into the stock of the SurgeMax Elite was engineered to combine the technology of a Picatinny Rail with a sound and vibration absorbing insulating sheath. The external vibration and sound generated by the action created by its power plant is absorbed and distributed throughout the rifle preventing adverse reactions to the scope and reduced noise to the ear. This one-seven-seven caliber, single-shot pellet rifle is powered by Turbo Nitrogen Technology (TNT), a gas piston from Umarex that provides a smooth and consistent cocking effort. The SurgeMax Elite generates a fast 1200 fps velocity with a quality lead-free pellet and delivers an energy of over 15 foot pounds with a lead pellet at 1050 fps—effective for pest control and small game hunting. The SurgeMax Elite comes equipped with an automatic safety, 2-stage adjustable trigger, fiber optic front and rear sights and an included 4 x 32 adjustable objective scope. Shoulder the rifle that makes scope mounting easy… get the Umarex SurgeMax Elite today.


  • Length: 45.25"
  • Single Action Trigger
  • Break Barrel High Velocity Rifle
  • Fiber Optic Adjustable Rear Sights
  • Includes 4 x 32 Scope
  • Fires .177 Cal. Pellets
  • Gas Piston Powered

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