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27" Stealth Ninja Sword and Kunai Throwing Knife Set with Sheath - Green


27" Stealth Ninja Sword and Kunai Throwing Knife Set with Sheath - Green

Product Summary

The Stealth Ninja Sword and Kunai Thrower Set lets you conquer your foes in close hand-to-hand combat or at a distance! The black fantasy-style sword is accented with gleaming iridescent spine and edges, and its menacing profile is sure to strike fear in the heart of any adversary who lays eyes on it. But don’t be fooled by the “fantasy” moniker - this serious sword boasts a sharp, carefully honed stainless steel blade that's plenty capable of tackling any cutting challenge. With impeccable balance and durable, water resistant black nylon cord-wrapped handles, this beast is a pleasure to wield, even for extended duels. If your enemies position themselves beyond the reach of the long sword, brandish one or all three included kunai. Each long distance menace features a spear point blade forged from razor sharp stainless steel. Perfect complements to the sword, these striking throwing weapons are embellished with the same edges and black cord-wrapped handles. All three kunai and the sword fit snugly in a single heavy duty black nylon sheath, which includes a shoulder strap for transport flexibility. If you don’t yet have a sword and throwing knife set in your collection, the Stealth Ninja set is an exceptional, affordable place to start. Even if your collection is brimming over with swords, daggers and knives of all shapes and sizes, it just isn’t complete without the stealthy form and tastefully subdued elegance of this stunning, potent ensemble. If you're looking for Ninja Warrior Sword Sets you might also enjoy the 26" Green Ninja Warrior Sword Set!


  • Sword Length: 27"
  • Construction: 440 Stainless Steel
  • Packaging type: Plain Box
  • Designed for practitioners and collectors alike
  • Extra heavy duty full-tang stainless steel construction
  • Sword Blade Length: 16.25"
  • Throwing Kunai Length: 6.5"
  • Kunai Blade Length: 3.5"
  • Wrapped nylon cord handles

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