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75' Light Duty 3 Ply 5/8" Flexon Garden Hose - Green

SKU: 11412

75' Light Duty 3 Ply 5/8" Flexon Garden Hose - Green

Product Summary

Equip your landscaping business with this Flexon 5/8" x 75' green medium-duty garden hose! The durable 3-ply vinyl construction of this 75' hose is able to stand up to the wear and tear of heavy use in landscaping situations, without the worry of crushing or leaking. The hose's 5/8" diameter allows for optimal output of water that won't rupture or split. The crush-proof brass coupling is easily screwed on and off from the water connection, so you can take this hose to and from other areas of the garden without hassle. Plus, the hose can connect to any convenient water source available on your site, without giving you any trouble. Its flexible vinyl is easily rolled up into a lightweight, compact ring to be carried anywhere you need it! To further assist you in your yard, might also want to consider getting a Fully Adjustable Fire Hose Garden Hose Nozzle.


  • Length: 75'
  • Packaging type: Bulk Packaging
  • 3 Ply Construction
  • Radial Enforcement
  • Traditional design, tested by time.

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