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Padded Carrying Carabiner Keychain - Assorted Colors

SKU: 11362

Padded Carrying Carabiner Keychain - Assorted Colors

Product Summary

The Oversized Padded Carabiner is an ideal carabiner solution when you need a quick, secure attachment. This clip is in a classic "D" shape, making it multipurpose and strong. The clip is spring loaded for ease of use. Constructed with aluminum, this Oversized Carabiner is light weight and maintains a large safe working load. It also includes a large padded area for utilizing the carabiner to carry larger items like backpacks quickly and comfortably. The Jumbo Carabiner is a great item to bring along camping, hiking, to the gym and just about any outdoor activity. Attach one to your backpack, water bottle, keys or purse to keep things handy and organized. These carabiners are constructed of durable aluminum and feature a soft cushion grip for added comfort. The jumbo carabiners also make a great handle for dog-walking! Attach it to your favorite leash and you'll have a sturdy, comfortable handle. Make sure to grab a few of these to keep around the house, your office or outdoor gear! If you're gearing up, you might like to consider including a Medium Assault Backpack!


  • Length: 4.63"
  • Packaging type: Bulk Packaging
  • Convenient wrist carrying strap
  • 8 x 21 or 131m/1000m Zoom
  • Includes lens cleaning towel
  • Comes with a nylon carrying case

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