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3.5 sq. ft. Leather Chamois - Grip

SKU: 11117

3.5 sq. ft.  Leather Chamois - Grip

Product Summary

Grip Leather Chamois is a premium quality chamois that includes it's unique additional tanning process. It has all the natural absorbency of traditional top-quality chamois but now dries soft, time after time, and will dry your car without smears or scratches. The special process keeps the fibres separated for much longer than a normal chamois. This results in a longer period of absorbency during the life of the chamois and allows it to dry soft. The Chamois now incorporates anti-microbial technology that prevents microbes from building up within the chamois. The anti-microbial technology is chemically bonded to the leather fibre structure so these properties will remain even after repeated use, providing a longer lasting freshness to the chamois. Ensure you're using all the best products on you vehicle, include this Professional Car Wash Soap.


  • Construction: Leather
  • Packaging type: Hanging Card
  • Streak Free
  • Clear coat safe
  • 100% Cod Oil Tanned
  • 3.5 Square feet

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