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UZI Carbine .177 Cal. CO2 BB Gun - Refurbished

SKU: 10857

UZI Carbine .177 Cal. CO2 BB Gun - Refurbished

Product Summary

Building off of Uziel Gal’s design from the late 1940’s, Umarex has created the ultimate CO2 machine pistol that features both semi-auto and full-auto firing modes. Uzi’s have been utilized as either personal protection weapons for tankers, pilots, and other support troops and they have also been used as the primary choice for close quarter’s operations. Umarex’s version features a 25 round magazine that houses a single 12 gram CO2 cartridge. Utilizing the fold-able shoulder stock, one can expect a 20 yard effective range with a 70+ yard maximum range. The realistic blowback makes this perfect for a training tool or a backyard plinker.


  • Length: 14" (Folded)
  • Packaging: Plain Box
  • Fires .177 Cal. BBs up to 344 fps
  • Blowback System
  • Realistic Recoil
  • Folding Shoulder Stock
  • Semiautomatic and Full-auto

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