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12 lb. Valley American Hickory Sledge Hammer

SKU: 3326

12 lb. Valley American Hickory Sledge Hammer

Product Summary

Valley striking tools (Hammers and Mallets) are used for direct striking. In conjunction, they are particularly useful in industry (machinery, assembly lines, maintenance) and automotive service (engines, bodywork, tires). Aside from traditional fitter's or ball hammers, some striking tools are specifically designed to avoid distorting, marking, or damaging the parts subject to striking. Hammer heads are manufactured from various materials such as high quality brass, plastic injection, high impact rubber, high strength micro-alloyed steel; hot forged, machined with high precision and heat treated to provide the best combination of hardness and resistance to blows.


  • Length: 35.5"
  • Construction: Steel
  • Packaging Type: Bulk Packaging
  • 12 lb. Hammer Head
  • Wood handle with compact structure providing high impact resistance
  • Octagonal design that distributes the load and equalizes stress
  • Alloyed steel head, press forged and heat treated
  • Beveled and machined striking face to prevent accidents due to metal shards
  • Used in construction, industrial maintenance, railroad industry, mining.
  • Not recommended in flammable, volatile or corrosive environments

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