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8 - pc. 1/2" DR. Torque Extension Bar & Thinwall Deep Impact Socket Set

SKU: 1518

8 - pc. 1/2" DR. Torque Extension Bar & Thinwall Deep Impact Socket Set

Product Summary

Use these torque extension bars to prevent over-tightening of lug nuts. Designed for use with standard or thin-wall sockets, each torque extension bar is color-coded and engraved with torque range for quick reference. The extension bars work with any impact wrench, even those with an extended anvil. A handy carrying case is included.


  • Packaging Length: 11"
  • Construction: Steel
  • Packaging type: Reusable Storage Blow Case
  • Crafted from drop forged, chrome molybdenum steel
  • Each socket comes with protective sleeves to avoid leaving any scratches on the rims
  • Thin wall type roque socket made esoecially for alloy wheels
  • Color coded and engraved with ft/lb and Nm setting for quick reference
  • Once the correct torque has been reached; the shaft will flex in sync with the blows of the impact gun and bleed off torque
  • Help eliminate over torqued lug nuts, broken or damaged studs and prevent distortion of rotors, drums and wheels
  • 4 pcs. - 1/2" dr. thin walls deep impact sockets: 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 13/16".
  • 4 pcs. - 1/2" dr. torque extension bars: 80, 90, 100, 110 (ft/lb)

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