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37" Traditional Samurai Sword - Black


37" Traditional Samurai Sword - Black

Product Summary

This samurai sword features great traditional styling at a great price; making this a must-have sword for your collection. The stainless steel blade extends from a pewter-colored metal alloy tsuba with a detailed dragon design. The handle is wrapped in black nylon and the end cap matches the design of the tsuba. Sword features features a strong thick blade of stainless steel with a sharp edge that is great for cutting. Keep your Samurai Sword in prestine condition with this Samurai Cleaning Kit!


  • Length: 37"
  • Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Packaging type: Plain Box
  • Handle features wrapped nylon cord for additional grip and control
  • Designed for collection display and practitioners
  • Glossy finish on scabbard
  • Blade Length: 26"
  • Handle Length: 10.13"
  • Blade Size: 1"
  • Tsuba Size: 3"

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