Solar Sensor Wall Light

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Solar Sensor Wall Light

SKU:  10494  |  Manufacturer ID:  LS069

Solar Sensor Wall Light
Solar Sensor Wall Light
Solar Sensor Wall Light
Solar Sensor Wall Light
Solar Sensor Wall Light
Solar Sensor Wall Light

Product Summary

Lighting has never been so simple before. Made from ABS this sturdy Solar Powered Motion Sensor LED Wall Light is already set to go. Simply place this light in the outdoor space of your choosing and switch it from off to auto. Use this LED Sensor light for your garden, backyard, deck, porch, patio, pond, veggie patch, driveway, or any outdoor location that needs a light. As a weatherproof and heatproof light, it can be installed without fear of environmental damage. As a day charger, install it outside and let the sun power it up. During the day the solar light will automatically switch off to save energy; at night it will turn on when motion is detected so you can find your way. Ensure you also have all your indoor lighting with this LED Light Switch!


  • Height: 6.88"
  • Construction: ABS Plastic
  • Packaging type: Color Printed Box
  • Strong Long Light Mode: Upon sunset the light will remain in a steady on mode
  • Dim Light Sensor Mode: Upon nightfall the light will be dime without motion, upon sensing motion it will brighten and remain bright for 15 seconds
  • Strong Light Sensor Mode: At night the light will remain off until motion is sensed
  • SKU 10494
    Manufacturer ID LS069
    Case Quantity 50
    UPC 0001049477778
    Item Weight 0.52 lbs
    Item Package Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    7.13" x 4.88" x 2.00"