Nasum Double Gas Mask Protection Filter Chemical Respirator Mask - NA&UM M101

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Nasum Double Gas Mask Protection Filter Chemical Respirator Mask - NA&UM M101

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Product Summary

This professional breathing protection kit successfully blocks all organic vapors, pollen, dust and other particles in the air. This double mask protects you from breathing dust and fine powders. The double cartridge system can be replaced with different cartridges for acidic gases or other chemical vapors. Suitable for dust protection in mining, cement factory, ceramic factory, yard, metal melting, power plant, stone processing, polishing, interior design, sawdust, wood processing, graffiti paint, wall art, powder processing. The filters are triple protection unit: the first stage is filter holder. The second external filter is a particle filter that can be replaced and the third is an activated carbon filter (for gas cartridges for spray paint, dust, sawdust, powder, fine particles, smoke, talcum powder, talk). Good air permeability. The filter effectively cleans the air. The soft nose and mouth cover fits all users comfortably. Special outline design provides a nice view for the user. Connect buckle, easy to install and replace parts.


  • Model: M101
  • Packaging: Color Printed Box
  • Style: Primary head mounted
  • Material: Rubber mouth edge
  • Includes (2) interchangeable filter cartridges
  • Features (2) cover caps
  • SKU 13427
    Manufacturer ID A45466
    Case Quantity 12
    brand David Navarro
    Item Weight 0.93 lbs
    Item Package Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    6.63" x 5.63" x 4.25"