Musha 41.25" Hand-Forged Katana Samurai Sword with Display Stand - Maroon and Black

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Musha 41.25" Hand-Forged Katana Samurai Sword with Display Stand - Maroon and Black

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Product Summary

Musha 41.25" Hand-Forged Katana with Maroon Wraps and a Display Stand - Experience the Legacy of the Samurai. Own a piece of samurai history with this traditionally crafted katana from Musha Swords! This breathtaking 41.25-inch katana, hand-forged by skilled swordsmiths, is a must-have for any collector of samurai weaponry or cosplay enthusiast. This meticulously crafted blade offers a timeless design with a touch of color, making it a worthy addition to any collection.

Hand-Forged High-Carbon Steel Blade
This katana boasts a gleaming blade, hand-forged from high-carbon steel by skilled swordsmiths. The traditional forging technique, passed down through generations, ensures the blade's exceptional strength and durability. The high-carbon steel composition not only offers a beautiful polish but also results in a resilient edge, capable of withstanding the test of time. Whether you're a collector or a cosplay enthusiast, this blade is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship of samurai weaponry.

Maroon Cotton Ito Handle and Gold Underlay
The handle of the katana is wrapped in maroon cotton ito, a traditional Japanese grip material that provides a comfortable and secure hold. The maroon color adds a unique and eye-catching touch to the katana, setting it apart from more traditional designs. The subtle touch of gold under the handle wrap adds a hint of sophistication and complements the overall design.

Includes Musha Brand Wooden Katana Stand
This katana also includes a complimentary wooden katana stand featuring the Musha brand logo. This stand allows you to proudly display your katana in your home or collection, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

Full Tang Construction for Unmatched Strength
For strength and durability that rivals the spirit of the samurai, this katana features a full tang construction. The tang, the extension of the blade that runs through the grip, is made of the same high-carbon steel as the blade itself. This full tang construction ensures the katana can withstand the rigors of practice or display without fear of breakage. A full tang construction is a hallmark of quality samurai swords, and this katana upholds that tradition.

41.25-Inch Overall Length - A Commanding Presence
This katana measures 41.25 inches in overall length, making it a substantial and impressive piece that will stand out in any collection. Whether you're a collector or a cosplayer looking to complete your samurai warrior look, this katana is sure to make a statement. The impressive size exudes an aura of power and commands attention, allowing you to embody the presence of a true samurai.

A Legacy of Quality and Craftsmanship
Owning a Musha hand-forged katana is more than just acquiring a sword; it's about embracing the legacy of the samurai. This katana is a testament to the skills and traditions honed by Japanese swordsmiths for centuries. Every detail, from the hand-forged blade to the traditional cotton ito handle, reflects the dedication to quality and craftsmanship that defined the samurai spirit. By owning this katana, you become a part of that legacy.

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The Musha line was created to cater to the need of budget minded collectors and real practitioners who do not wish to abuse their high end swords in practicing. Forged with 1045 Carbon Steel for quality, practicality, and value. The Musha Line is hard beat!


  • Length: 41.25"
  • Construction: 1045 Carbon Steel
  • Packaging type: Color Printed Box
  • Handle features traditional Japanese wrap for additional grip and control
  • Designed for collection display and laido Martial Arts practitioners
  • Professional caliber storage cloth for keeping your katana in presitine condition
  • Matte finish on soft textured wooden saya scabbard
  • Includes Musha display stand for proud display in your home or office
  • Katana Blade Length: 28.25"
  • Katana Handle Length: 11.13"
  • Katana Blade Size: 1.25"
  • Katana Tsuba Size: 3.25"

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