Marksman Laserhawk Hydro Gel Bead Blaster Ammo

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Marksman Laserhawk Hydro Gel Bead Blaster Ammo

SKU:  13737  |  Manufacturer ID:  SR3301

Marksman Laserhawk Hydro Gel Bead Blaster Ammo
Marksman Laserhawk Hydro Gel Bead Blaster Ammo
Marksman Laserhawk Hydro Gel Bead Blaster Ammo


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Product Summary

Introducing Marksman Hydro Gel Beads, a safe and exciting way to enhance your recreational shooting experience. These gel beads, also known as water beads or water bullets, are a versatile and environmentally friendly ammunition option designed for use with gel bead blasters, gel ball blasters, and similar recreational shooting devices. Marksman Hydro Gel Beads are non-lethal and non-toxic. When hydrated, they transform into soft and squishy gel-like spheres. These beads are designed to burst upon impact, providing a painless and harmless shooting experience. These gel beads are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They are made from water-absorbent polymers that break down naturally over time, leaving no harmful residue behind. This makes them an environmentally responsible choice for recreational shooting. To use Marksman Hydro Gel Beads, simply soak them in water for a few hours. As they absorb water, they grow in size and become ready for use. This process is simple and convenient, allowing you to prepare your ammunition easily. These gel beads are compatible with a variety of recreational shooting devices, including gel bead blasters and gel ball blasters. They can be used for target practice, competitive games, and outdoor adventures. Marksman Hydro Gel Beads offer an affordable way to enjoy recreational shooting activities. They are readily available, allowing you to stock up on ammunition for extended play. Because of their non-lethal nature, Marksman Hydro Gel Beads are suitable for shooters of all ages. They provide a fun and engaging alternative to traditional ammunition without the risks associated with live rounds. While these gel beads are designed for one-time use, they can often be collected after a shooting session, rehydrated, and used again. This reusability adds value to your shooting experience. Whether you're a seasoned gel bead blaster enthusiast or new to recreational shooting, Marksman Hydro Gel Beads provide an exciting and safe way to enjoy your favorite pastime. With their eco-friendly and non-lethal characteristics, they open up a world of shooting adventures without the need for live ammunition. Experience the thrill of gel bead shooting with Marksman Hydro Gel Beads today.


  • Packaging Length: 5"
  • Packaging Type: Hanging Pack
  • Compatible with Lazerhawk Water Bead Blasters
  • 10,000 gel BBs
  • Gel BBs expand to 7mm
  • No cleaning required
  • SKU 13737
    Manufacturer ID SR3301
    Case Quantity 50
    UPC 0026785033019
    brand SR Industries
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    (L x W x H)
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