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Illinois Industrial Tool


Illinois Industrial Tool

Illinois Industrial Tool (IIT) has been distributing and marketing tools for more than 20 years. They are a leading wholesale supplier to the hardware, home improvement, automotive, farm supply and retail markets. Being first to market with innovative new tool concepts has always resulted in additional sales and profit for their customers.


Multi-Purpose Lighter

SKU: 9841


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Non-Drip Caulking Gun

SKU: 2928


Stock: 18 Items


Power Torque Universal Adjustable Ratcheting Wrench - Large

SKU: 11495


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Rain Gauge

SKU: 6170


Stock: 72 Items


Revolving Leather Punch

SKU: 4111


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Sanitary Travel Foldable Detachable Cutlery and Utensil Set for Safely Dining Out

SKU: 11454


Stock: 13 Items


Self Locking and Easy to Remove Garden Plant Zip Ties - IIT

SKU: 11453


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Telescoping Minnow Net

SKU: 10534


Stock: 4 Items


The Classic Collapsible Fly Swatter with Expandable Metal Handle

SKU: 11465


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Touch Up Spray Gun

SKU: 3266


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Travel Size First Aid Kit

SKU: 2096


Stock: 98 Items


Twin Cartridge Respirator with Goggles

SKU: 4214


Stock: 24 Items


Venom Light-Duty DIY Gloves - Small-Medium

SKU: 9857


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Weather Vane Station

SKU: 5425


Stock: 12 Items


Wide Blade Scraper

SKU: 3420


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Woodland Camo Cohesive Wrap

SKU: 10264


Stock: 15 Items