Horus Falcon Eygptian Statue Figurine

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Horus Falcon Eygptian Statue Figurine

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Horus Falcon Eygptian Statue Figurine
Horus Falcon Eygptian Statue Figurine
Horus Falcon Eygptian Statue Figurine

Product Summary

Horus, represented by the falcon, was the son of gods Isis and Osiris. The Kings of Egypt associated themselves with Horus and the hieroglyph which represented the idea of God was a falcon on its perch. A sun god, Horus was superior both physically and socially, representing the King and linking the sun and the moon, the two primary celestial beings. Horus was worshipped throughout Egypt, and so many cults proliferated many myths that sprang up associated with Horus. Throughout ancient Egyptian history, this god was personally identified with the king, as each succeeding pharaoh used the name of Horus as the first of his titles.


  • Length: 8.75"
  • Construction: Polyresin
  • Packaging: Color Printed Box
  • Decorative statue is crafted from highly detailed polyresin
  • Paint is baked into surface to prevent chipping
  • Fun design turns any house into a Temple!
  • SKU WU67973AB
    Manufacturer ID WU67973AB
    UPC 6797377777777
    Item Weight 2.06 lbs
    Item Package Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    10.00" x 6.88" x 4.88"

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