Crosman - Full Auto A4-P Carbine BB Assault Air Rifle

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Crosman - Full Auto A4-P Carbine BB Assault Air Rifle

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Product Summary

Unleash Rapid-Fire Action with the Crosman A4-P Full-Auto BB Gun - Dominate Your Airsoft Battles with Unrivaled Precision and Power! Prepare for intense skirmishes with the Crosman A4-P Full-Auto BB Gun - the ultimate weapon for tactical enthusiasts seeking adrenaline-pumping excitement on the battlefield.

Full-Auto Firepower: Arm yourself with the Crosman A4-P BB Gun, featuring full-auto capabilities for rapid-fire action, allowing you to overwhelm opponents with a barrage of precision shots.

High-Powered Performance: Built for superior performance, the Crosman A4-P BB Gun boasts unrivaled accuracy, velocity, and range, ensuring you maintain a tactical advantage over your adversaries.

Realistic Design: Experience the authentic feel of a military-grade firearm with the Crosman A4-P BB Gun's realistic design, featuring a durable construction and ergonomic grip for maximum control and comfort during extended battles.

Precision Targeting: Dominate the battlefield with pinpoint accuracy thanks to the Crosman A4-P BB Gun's precision targeting capabilities, allowing you to hit your targets with unmatched precision from long distances.

Versatile Gameplay Options: Whether you're engaging in close-quarters combat, long-range sniping, or tactical maneuvers, the Crosman A4-P BB Gun offers versatile gameplay options to suit every playstyle and strategy.

Trusted Crosman Quality: Backed by Crosman's renowned reputation for excellence, the A4-P Full-Auto BB Gun guarantees superior performance, durability, and innovation to enhance your airsoft experience.

Crosman Sporting Air Guns

Crosman is the air gun company that has been leading the next generation of shooting sports since 1923 with a collection of innovative air rifles, air pistols, full-auto BB guns, and more. Crosman believes that everyone should have access to the endless fun our products offer. Whether you’re going varmint hunting, target shooting, or plinking, Crosman has air guns for sale designed for your pure joy.


  • Length: 21.25"
  • Construction: Steel
  • Packaging Type: Color Printed Box
  • Operates in Semi-Auto and Fully-Automatic configurations
  • 25-round push-button drop free magazine
  • Fueled by two 12-gram CO2 cartridges and delivers velocities of up to 400 fps
  • Intense 1400 round per minute rate of fire
  • Removable sleeve, covers an AR compatible buffer tube
  • Realistic weight, blowback action and functions, great for skill development, training and fun

    BB CO2 Air Gun
  • SKU 12820
    Manufacturer ID CFAA4PX
    UPC 0028478153615
    brand Crosman Corp.
    Item Weight 6.53 lbs
    Item Package Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    25.25" x 9.38" x 3.25"