8 fl. Oz. Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer - Equate

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8 fl. Oz. Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer - Equate

SKU:  11960  |  Manufacturer ID:  381673

8 fl. Oz. Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer - Equate
8 fl. Oz. Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer - Equate
8 fl. Oz. Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer - Equate
8 fl. Oz. Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer - Equate
8 fl. Oz. Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer - Equate
8 fl. Oz. Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer - Equate
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Product Summary

Keep your hands clean and healthy with Equate Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer! This effective formula eliminates germs while leaving your hands feeling soft and smooth, thanks to the added Vitamin E. The convenient pop top bottle dispenses the perfect amount of sanitizer for each use, making it easy to maintain proper hand hygiene wherever you go.

Kills 99.99% of Germs
Keep your hands hygienically clean and germ-free with Equate Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer. This powerful formula eliminates 99.99% of germs and bacteria that can cause you to get sick, helping to protect you and your family from illness. This hand sanitizer is especially useful when soap and water are not readily available.

Moisturizes and Conditions
Frequent hand washing or sanitizing can dry out your hands and leave them feeling rough and cracked. Equate Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is formulated with added moisturizers and conditioners to prevent dryness and irritation. It nourishes your skin, leaving your hands feeling soft, smooth, and healthy, even with frequent use.

70% Alcohol Content
This hand sanitizer contains 70% ethyl alcohol, which is the concentration recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria. The 70% alcohol content ensures that this hand sanitizer kills harmful germs while the added moisturizers help prevent dryness.

Vitamin E Enriched for Healthy Skin
For an extra boost of hydration and to promote healthy skin, Equate Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is enriched with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that helps shield your skin from free radical damage and keeps it looking and feeling its best.

Gentle on Most Skin Types
This hand sanitizer is formulated with gentle ingredients to be kind to most skin types. It is free from harsh chemicals and dyes that can irritate sensitive skin, making it a great choice for everyday use.

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EQUATE is a global producer of petrochemicals and the second largest producer of Ethylene Glycol in the world, providing reliable products and solutions that serve as the basis to everyday consumable products and participate in sustaining a better world. The Company prides itself as the partner of choice to global customers and is an active member of the community in which it supports stakeholders to attain their objectives.


  • Length: 6.38"
  • Construction: ABS Plastic
  • Packaging Type: Bulk Packaging
  • Provides effective protection against a broad spectrum of germs and bacteria, keeping you healthy throughout the day.
  • This active ingredient effectively targets and eliminates germs for a clean feeling.
  • Enriched with Vitamin E, this hand sanitizer helps keep your hands moisturized and prevent dryness, a common side effect of alcohol-based sanitizers.
  • The 8-ounce bottle is perfectly sized for tossing in your bag, backpack, or car for easy access whenever you need to sanitize your hands.
  • Whether you're at the gym, running errands, or traveling, this hand sanitizer is a convenient way to stay sanitized.
  • This formula is ideal for people who frequently use hand sanitizer and want to avoid dry, cracked skin.
  • MFG: 07/15/2020 - EXP: 07/15/2022
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