8' Emergency Blanket Shelter with Cord - IIT

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8' Emergency Blanket Shelter with Cord - IIT

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8' Emergency Blanket Shelter with Cord - IIT
8' Emergency Blanket Shelter with Cord - IIT
8' Emergency Blanket Shelter with Cord - IIT


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Product Summary

The IIT emergency blanket shelter with cord is essential for any hiker or camper. It's large enough to cover you from head to toe, yet small enough to fit in your pack. This lightweight emergency shelter has a unique, reflective material that maintains your radiant body heat to help preserve crucial warmth, and that also stays nice and flexible despite freezing temperatures. It is lightweight and waterproof to keep you safe and dry when in need. Its small size makes it easy to carry in a backpack, pocket, or vehicle glove box for emergencies. Be prepared with the IIT emergency survival blanket shelter and feel secure knowing that you and you'll be kept safe and warm no matter the situation.


  • Length: 8'
  • Packaging: Poly Bag
  • Size: 8' x 2'
  • Emergency shelter can be used as an additional layer to help keep you dry and warm while camping.
  • This shelter is made of aluminum-laminated polyethylene and is waterproof.
  • It is a compact and lightweight shelter and can be easily stored in a car's glove compartment for easy transportation during camping trips.
  • This shelter can also be cut according to a specific size to be utilized or shared.
  • This waterproof emergency shelter can be used in severe winters for maintaining warmth and keeping temperature in control.
  • Designed to be a supplemental shelter, if an indoor source of heat is unavailable.
  • This emergency shelter is perfect for people who love to camp or hike frequently to layer over or under primary equipment.
  • SKU 12569
    Manufacturer ID 35585
    Case Quantity 48
    brand JMK - IIT /Great Lake Wholesale
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