6.75" Exmark Idler Pulley

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6.75" Exmark Idler Pulley

SKU:  80-91-049  |  Manufacturer ID:  80-91-049

6.75 in Exmark Idler Pulley
6.75 in Exmark Idler Pulley


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Product Summary

It is important to know that pulleys are not the same as idlers. There are parts called idler pulleys, but they are actually pulleys. The difference is that an idler rotates freely around bearings at its center, while a pulley will have a notch (or some other device) to fix it to a shaft that it rotates around. Please verify the original Exmark part number in your owner's manual or on the appropriate parts diagram of your model for correct location and fitment of this item.


  • Diameter: 6.75"
  • Construction: Steel
  • Packaging Type: Plain Box
  • Smooth center bearing attachement
  • Heavy Duty Construction for Long-Lasting Durability
  • SKU 80-91-049
    Manufacturer ID 80-91-049
    UPC 80910497777777
    brand Toomey Tools
    Item Weight 2.16 lbs
    Item Package Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    7.13" x 7.13" x 1.63"

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