(2) Twin Wheel 2" Swivel Casters - Cal-Hawk - AF32965

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(2) Twin Wheel 2" Swivel Casters - Cal-Hawk - AF32965

SKU:  13747  |  Manufacturer ID:  AF32965

(2) Twin Wheel 2 in Swivel Casters - Cal-Hawk - AF32965
(2) Twin Wheel 2 in Swivel Casters - Cal-Hawk - AF32965
(2) Twin Wheel 2 in Swivel Casters - Cal-Hawk - AF32965


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Product Summary

The 2" Twin Wheel Caster is a versatile and practical mobility solution designed to provide smooth and effortless movement for a wide range of furniture and equipment. Whether you're looking to upgrade your office chair, move heavy furniture, or enhance the mobility of your DIY projects, these casters offer exceptional convenience and functionality. The 2" Twin Wheel Caster is a set of durable and high-quality caster wheels designed for various applications. Each caster consists of two small wheels mounted side by side, providing enhanced stability and weight distribution. These casters are engineered to ensure easy and precise maneuverability on a variety of surfaces, including hardwood floors, carpet, tile, and more. The dual-wheel design of each caster distributes weight evenly, reducing the risk of floor damage and providing superior stability. This design also offers smoother and quieter movement compared to single-wheel casters. These casters are equipped with precision-engineered wheels that roll quietly and effortlessly. They ensure minimal friction and resistance, allowing you to move furniture and equipment with ease. The casters feature a standard mounting plate with pre-drilled holes, making them compatible with a wide range of furniture, including chairs, tables, cabinets, and more. They are also suitable for DIY projects and custom applications. Each caster provides full swivel capability, allowing for unrestricted movement in any direction. This feature is particularly useful for tasks that require precise positioning or navigating tight spaces. These casters are constructed from durable materials, such as high-quality plastic or metal, ensuring their longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The casters come with mounting hardware, making installation a straightforward process. You can quickly upgrade your furniture or equipment with these casters. Be sure to choose the appropriate model based on your needs. Upgrade your office chairs or rolling desks to improve mobility and comfort. Enhance the mobility of chairs, tables, and other furniture items, making it easier to rearrange your living space. Incorporate these casters into your DIY projects, such as creating mobile workbenches, tool cabinets, or storage units. Use these casters in commercial settings, such as retail displays, medical equipment, and industrial carts. Equip workbenches, tool chests, and other workshop equipment with casters for greater flexibility. Upgrade hotel and restaurant furniture to provide ease of movement for both staff and guests. The 2" Twin Wheel Caster is a versatile and reliable solution for improving the mobility of furniture and equipment in various settings. With their smooth rolling, durability, and universal compatibility, these casters are a valuable addition to any home, office, workshop, or commercial space. They simplify everyday tasks and contribute to the efficient use of your available space.


  • Length: 2.88"
  • Construction: Plate Type with Brass Finish
  • Packaging type: Carded Pack
  • Set Includes (2) Twin Wheel Casters
  • Load Ratings: 150lb - Set of (2)
  • Designed for wooden furniture legs
  • Free rotating swivel
  • Dual wheel design provides enhanced stability and weight distribution.
  • SKU 13747
    Manufacturer ID AF32965
    Manufacturer Cal Hawk Tools
    Case Quantity 48
    UPC 0091044329653
    brand Ctt Tools Inc
    Item Weight 0.41 lbs
    Item Package Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    6.75" x 6.75" x 2.25"