19.13" Tomahawk Peacepipe - Frilled Leather Handle

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19.13" Tomahawk Peacepipe - Frilled Leather Handle

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19.13 in Tomahawk Peacepipe - Frilled Leather Handle
19.13 in Tomahawk Peacepipe - Frilled Leather Handle
19.13 in Tomahawk Peacepipe - Frilled Leather Handle


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Product Summary

This Traditional Peace Pipe Tomahawk is a powerful symbol of the choice that European settlers and Native Americans faced whenever they met. Would the pipe of peace be extended when they met, or would it be the axe of war that was offered instead? This tomahawk features both, and both are impressive looking sides to one incredible weapon. The axe-blade is crafted from stainless steel and features a very typical and traditional shape. The other side of the axe-head features a pipe bowl poll, which connects to a channel on the interior of the tomahawk's shaft. The haft features faded brass studs, as well as a leather wrap around the hilt where a chief or shaman would have gripped the axe. Also tied around the haft is a leather cord that is connected to a simulated feather, giving it the added touch of a true Native American weapon. The haft ends with a small and unobtrusive pipe mouthpiece. Situated on your waist, this Traditional Peace Pipe Tomahawk would make for a fantastic display weapon to carry around while you are in costume at your next rendezvous or reenactment. When you are not showing it off at your side, this peace pipe tomahawk makes just as great a decoration to hang on your mantle or show off in a case in your office.


  • Length: 19.13"
  • Head Width: 7.5"
  • Packaging: Plain Box
  • Construction: Wood and Stainless Steel
  • Durable wooden handle
  • Faux leather handle design pattern
  • Perfect for cosplay, halloween, and a variety of other events
  • Make War or Make Peace the choice is yours!
  • SKU KX13133
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