16" Friction Lock Steel Baton Night Stick - Chome Silver

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16" Friction Lock Steel Baton Night Stick - Chome Silver

SKU:  BT278-16LS  |  Manufacturer ID:  BT278-16LS

16 in Friction Lock Steel Baton Night Stick - Chome Silver
16 in Friction Lock Steel Baton Night Stick - Chome Silver
16 in Friction Lock Steel Baton Night Stick - Chome Silver
16 in Friction Lock Steel Baton Night Stick - Chome Silver


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Product Summary

A Collapsible Baton Night Stick is a versatile and compact self-defense tool designed for personal safety and security. The baton features a telescopic or collapsible design, allowing it to extend and retract as needed. This feature makes it compact and easy to carry when not in use. They are primarily used for self-defense and personal security. When extended, the baton provides an effective means of protecting oneself from potential threats. Before carrying a collapsible baton, it's essential to be aware of the local laws and regulations regarding its possession and use. In some areas, specific permits or licenses may be required. Collapsible batons can be used in various situations where personal safety is a concern, such as for protection during late-night walks, while traveling, or as part of personal security measures. The collapsible design allows the baton to be easily carried in a bag or attached to a belt, making it a convenient and discreet self-defense tool. This baton can be quickly extended with a flick of the wrist, ensuring rapid response in potentially dangerous situations. Collapsible batons are considered non-lethal self-defense tools, as their primary purpose is to incapacitate or deter an attacker without causing severe harm. When extended, the baton can be used as a striking tool to target an assailant's vulnerable areas, helping to immobilize or disable them temporarily. It's advisable to receive proper training on how to use a collapsible baton effectively and responsibly. Training can enhance your ability to use the device safely and efficiently. This baton features a rubberized and textured high grip handle designed for a secure and comfortable hold, even in high-stress situations. In some cases, using a collapsible baton for self-defense may provide legal protection when faced with imminent danger, as it's considered a non-lethal means of protection. A Collapsible Baton Night Stick is a valuable tool for personal safety and self-defense. However, it should be used responsibly and in accordance with local laws and regulations. Proper training and awareness of its legal implications are crucial when considering its use as part of your personal security measures.


  • Length: 16"
  • Construction: Steel
  • Packaging type: Color Printed Box
  • Includes nylon carrying sheath
  • Features glass breaker bottom
  • Heavy duty and extra durable, sure to stand up to any beating
  • Rubberized Grip: 4.5"
  • SKU BT278-16LS
    Manufacturer ID BT278-16LS
    Case Quantity 36
    brand Rex Distributor, Inc
    Item Weight 0.88 lbs
    Item Package Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    7.63" x 1.88" x 1.50"