1/4 Lb. Nylon Seine Twine Rope - Construction Orange

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1/4 Lb. Nylon Seine Twine Rope - Construction Orange

SKU:  13684  |  Manufacturer ID:  CL-1030O

1/4 Lb. Nylon Seine Twine Rope - Construction Orange
1/4 Lb. Nylon Seine Twine Rope - Construction Orange
1/4 Lb. Nylon Seine Twine Rope - Construction Orange


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Product Summary

Introducing Nylon Seine Twine, a versatile and durable type of twine that finds application in various industries and tasks. Nylon seine twine is known for its strength, resistance to abrasion, and overall durability, making it a reliable choice for a wide range of uses. Nylon seine twine is known for its high tensile strength, making it suitable for tasks that require robust and reliable support. Its strength makes it ideal for applications that involve tension, pulling, or holding objects together. The nylon material used in seine twine is resistant to abrasion, which means it can endure friction and wear over time without fraying or weakening. This feature makes it well-suited for outdoor and heavy-duty tasks. Nylon seine twine is used in various industries such as fishing, construction, agriculture, and crafting. It can be employed for tasks ranging from fishing nets and traps to construction site marking, gardening, and crafting projects. Nylon is known for its resistance to moisture and UV rays, making nylon seine twine suitable for outdoor applications. It remains strong and reliable even when exposed to challenging weather conditions. Nylon seine twine is adept at holding knots securely. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where knots need to be tied and maintained, ensuring the integrity of the task at hand. Whether you're a fisherman in need of strong netting material, a gardener looking for reliable plant support, a construction worker marking boundaries, or a crafter seeking a versatile material, nylon seine twine offers the durability and versatility to get the job done effectively.


  • Length: 250'
  • Construction: Nylon
  • Packaging type: Polybag
  • All nylon construction to prevent sagging
  • Standard construction twine
  • Valley seine twines are excellent for seine twine, fishing line, mason line, chalk line, plumb bobs, and general household use
  • SKU 13684
    Manufacturer ID CL-1030O
    Case Quantity 72
    UPC 0639469060623
    brand Valley Industries Corp.
    Item Weight 0.34 lbs
    Item Package Dimensions
    (L x W x H)
    6.50" x 2.25" x 2.13"

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