Technogun Airgun Ammo

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TECHNOGUN is recognized for being one of the largest pellet manufacturers in Brazil. Its pellets are formed by an exclusive high pressure injection system, allowing for centrifugal balancing that generates more uniformity and precision. Each pellet is formed with a base of 98% lead, zinc, and other metals for strong, reliable construction. Technogun pellets are crafted with the upmost professional standards for the discerning marksman. If you're a professional shooter or simply a backyard plinker these air gun pellets are sure to give you the experience you're after. Load, Fire, Fun!


Technogun Missil .22 cal (5.5mm) Lead Alloy Pellet Airgun Ammo - 250 ct.

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Technogun Tsunami .177 cal (4.5mm) Lead Alloy Pellet Airgun Ammo - 250 ct.

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